Diversity Enterprises

Bullying Prevention


Researchers are increasingly finding Bullying and Cyber-intimidation are issues that dramatically affect schools, youth programs and events, Corporate America and society as a whole. Diversity Enterprises offers a new online course that effectively addresses these vital social issues. Our Cyber Bullying online course is an excellent professional training tool designed to help districts, schools, organizations, teachers, administrators, and all education staff combat these epidemic problems.

Bullying & cyber-intimidation in Schools, defines the personal, social, and legal ramifications associated with social media bullying, texting and cyber-intimidation. It explores the legal ramifications of cyber bullying and preventative strategies as well as how school staff can address these issues when they occur. A clear understanding of what constitutes bullying and the harmful effects of harassment is essential to providing a safe and inclusive school and social environment for all.

This course offers pop quizzes, tests and is fully customizable. A certificate of completion can be downloaded upon successful completion of the course. Course duration: 60 minutes.