Diversity Enterprises

Workplace Cultural Sensitivity


Over the next 15 years, the African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American ethnic groups will expand at a rate six-fold higher than non-ethnic populations. World Bank data from 2004 indicates that if ethnic populations in the United States were to create their own nation, it would result in one of the globe's leading economies.


Companies should be aware of this growing demographicand recognizing the components of diversity, including culture, gender, age, race, religion, disability and national origin, is essential to doing business with a diverse workforce. A lack of sensitivity to these differences can erode morale and detrimentally impact productivity. Cultural sensitivity encompasses many facets of work life, including meetings, social gatherings, negotiations and correspondence. The benefits of cultural sensitivity training may include higher employee retention rates, reduced harassment incidences and discrimination lawsuits, and a more tolerant workforce that demonstrates increased respect for self and others.


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