Diversity Enterprises

Workplace Discrimination


Discrimination training will teach employees and their supervisors how to identify, avoid and report discrimination in the workplace. This helps to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce while protecting your organization from costly, and potentially devastating, employee discrimination claims.


Managers are on the front-lines everyday, dealing with complex situations. Our online course includes common examples of discriminating situations that happen regularly and teaches managers how to reduce the risk of discrimination in these situations. Preventing Employment Discrimination training educates managers on what is expected of them and what they can, in turn, expect of others and their employer.


It is every employee's responsibility to create a workplace free of harassment and discrimination, not just the responsibility of the managers. Preventing Employment Discrimination training teaches all employees the legal concepts and consequences of discrimination in language that is simple and easy to understand, using relatable, everyday scenarios.


This course offers pop quizzes, tests and is fully customizable. A certificate of completion can be downloaded upon successful completion of the course. Course duration: 60 minutes.